Switzerland 29.11.2017 – From the desk of Jeroen Smid – To whom it may concern:

People do not stop sending me personal messages, asking questions concerning Onevision Holding AG. Other people do not stop investing time to create content with statements that are false and untrue. Therefor, this is a statement from my side.

A friend and i brainstormed in 2015 to set up a new mutual company, later called Onevision Holding AG. At the beginning I choose not to be a Member of the Board (Verwaltungsrat). I just was a director, but it happened that most of the Knowhow and existings online assets came from me. I gave that OVH in license: Internet Academy, Contracts with Academies, Jopboosterproseries.

I give you a brief overview about the shareholder level in a Swiss AG:

With 10 % of voting power and having 3 % of the companies shares and at the beginning not being a board Member, my powers within the company were limited.

As a director (CTO) i was an employee to the company. In this job, i was responsible for the Internet academy, Jopboosterproseries and Head of Technic concerning those things. I had to report to the “Verwaltungsrat/Board of directors“.

These things happen in official meetings. The thing is: I only can get informations to make decisions, when i get these from directors and other members of the board and secondly, as written above, my decisions/vote can be overruled by all others and furthermore, the “Verwaltungsrat/Board of directors“ decide: not a single director and certainly not a minor shareholder.

After 8 months (mid december 2015) i told the “Verwaltungsrat/Board of directors“ and shareholders that i also would like to become a “Verwaltungsrat/Member Board of directors“.  I have been a member of the board (Verwaltungsrat) from mid december 2015 (Adpackpro already had been set for december by other members of the board, managed by a director: It started in Beta from mid December).

Now lets move to Board Level.

The board is being elected by the shareholders.

On board level, decisions can be made, but also with the majority of votes from the board members. I just had 1 vote, against the others.

Also a member of the board (Verwaltungsrat) has, beside of his own dedicated resource (in my case the Internet Academy, Jopboosterseries and teaching) several liabilities to follow. He needs to get all informations from the other Board Members to be able to judge if something is good or bad for the company etc. On several occasions, i had to ask in writing and ask verbally several times and I didnt get full disclosure from some of my colleagues.

Therefor, between december 2015 and february 2017 there have been a lot of discussions between me an other Members of the board.

From the end of March 2017 I became President of the Board.

In this position i started to ask for all informations concerning the resources from the other Members of the board and directors. Still not all Members were able to gave me the full financial status and operation status.

One month later, i had to go to the hospital with the diagnose: Unstable Angina Pectoris. So the worsed thing that I could use from that time was stress. So I dropped my positions as President and Member of the Board on the 22th of June (It took a while for the filling at companies house) and in the meantime i was not able to work.

From that day i got excluded from the board and also from everything that the management of the company concerned. This is normal, since I was no longer a member of the board, nor president. My step back from the board of directors was communicated from other board of director members towards others, within minutes, but maybe you missed that.

Director Level:

Beside of being a former member to the board, I was an employee to the company in the function of CTO and responsible for Internet Academy, Jopboosterproseries, teaching and the technic concerning these positions.

Boardmembers stated that the company could no longer afford me and that i should be fired. I received the letter on the 22th of June. I did not object, because if they want me out, they want me out. So let me put this clear: I resigned on doctors recommandation (2 Internists, 2 cardiologues and later accompanied by 2 others) as President and member of the board on the 22th of June 2017 and the same day i got fired as an employee and director, by another Member of the board….and…in this case, no other Member of the board communicated this to others…

In the meantime from June 2017, OVH business went on, but as you may have read above, i was not in a position to do anything anymore as CTO (Employee) and or Board member. And I am only a minority shareholder.

In my position as “minority Shareholder” i tried several times to get meetings organized between the shareholders, but those attempts failed.

In the meantime, i was invited for a hearing at the prosecutor in Basel. So today the investigation against OVH has not been closed yet but i received a letter that i am not being accused and that there are no investigations concerning my person.

In the meantime, a group of persons startet to threaten me and some of my former colleagues, by putting fakenews, false accusations, calling to take action with violence and even putting a picture of my adresse in social media. This has been filled at the prosecutor in Basel those persons will receive or already have received some letters from the prosecutor for legal proceedings. Also this week, i again saw fakenews and untrue statements. This ist he reason why i write this statement.

So in a nutshell: From the 22th of June 2017, i was no longer a member of the board and therefor excluded from company internal affairs. The same day i got fired by the company as an employee. In other words: i do/did not get any informations anymore and even emails with questions that i forwarded, are/were not being answered.

I saw that the software Adpackpro has been closed down a little bit later. As explained and stated above: i do not have any insights.

In a later stadium, the software devellopers (E-Profilers BV) of the software from Finaladz (Finaladz is/was not a OVH company) went bankrupt. Finaladz was not a program like Adpackpro and had nothing to with that. There have been conversations between Finaladz and OVH, looking for possibilities of how to work together.

The same company, called E-profilers BV, wrote Adspace24 for OVH. Last week, I received an Email in CC from the curator of the bankrupt company, that E-Profilers BV, never existed………

I found out that the some of the persons behind the developper company (E-Profilers BV), are a bad company: i will not work with them anymore –  not now and also not in future.

In the meantime, i am not allowed by the doctors to work. Me and my doctors, including mental coaches are working on that and the goal to start in full again as soon as possible.

During the past years, I have been teaching hundreds of international students in Online Marketing – in academies, universities and inhouse teaching at companies. A lot of them found good jobs and were able to generate income with the help of what they learned.

Also i have been involved in several successfull Online Marketing Programms and Websites for international companies. Also, I created several software products that help companies to get better conversions: These programs and knowhow are being used worldwide. I will start these things in full again, depending on what the doctors tell me, as soon as possible. I am quite sure that programs that will be released by me, will help others to earn money with the internet. In the meantime, i am as much as interested as you are of how the investigation against OVH will end and if everything what you can read within the internet/social and newspapers, is/was true or not.